Testing Testing

This is a test of a new way of using footnotes on this blog. I haven’t written much here because I’ve been too busy writing books and other academic projects. Anyway, footnotes suck,[1] and links take you far away from the page so I made a scab version of the footnotes used in Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blockbuster article in The Atlantic last year. Seriously, The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration is an amazing read, more so because this kind of pop-up allows you to get the best of explanatory footnotes without breaking the flow of text for people who don’t care to read them. Anyway, I’m hoping to be writing more, but I needed to pop this up to make sure that everything was working right. As a side note: I built this site using Hugo and figured out how to do the annotations using Hugo’s shortcodes. Which means that I can make these kind of footnotes without a content management system Once it’s not so hacky (currently running using script tags and jQuery) I’ll pop it up on Github.

[1] Particularly when written like this