This is the handbook for a course that I run at the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. You will find all the administrative details for the course on KEATS. This includes, but isn’t limited to: venues/timings for lectures and seminars, deadlines for assessments, my office hours/location. For your convenience, this handbook is available as a pdf file, ebook, and static website.1 Please note that the formatting of the ebook might not be optimum.

0.1 Auditing

My auditing policy is simple: Students may audit this course so long as it does not disadvantage students who have opted to take the module for assessment. In practice, this means that so long as there is physical room to attend the lecture series, you have the option of auditing in person. It is unlikely that there will be space for students to audit the seminar component of the module, as seminars tend to be assigned with the optimum number of students for a seminar session.

Please note that the lecture sessions involve small-group discussions. I therefore require students attending lectures in person to have done the same reading as students on the module are expected to have done for these sessions. Failure to do so may lead to me withdrawing my permission for you to audit the module.

Please email me with your request to audit the course prior to attending.

0.2 Tasks to Complete Before The First Class

  • Skim read this handbook
  • Perform the baseline reflection task in Chapter 8
  • Read the readings for week 1