About Me

I am a research associate and teaching fellow with the Centre for Science and Security Studies, part of the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. I currently convene the MA in Science and Security. In broad terms, my research covers the law and ethics of war, with a specific focus on novel technology. My book on the concept of transnational war and¬†targeted killings, Enemies Unknown and Known: Targeted Killings in America’s Transnational War,¬†will be published next year by Hurst & Co. My current research focuses upon the role of automatic and autonomous systems in decisions to use lethal force, proposed regulation mechanisms, and the philosophy of chance and responsibility. This forms part of a wider research project on power and political violence in digital societies.

In a past life, I worked for the picturedesk of The Times. In my spare time, I write fiction, read a lot of books, and I am a brown belt in brazilian jiu jitsu.