Current Academic Year (2015 / 16)

Course convener: MA in Science & Security (King’s College London)

Postgraduate Courses
The Science & Security of Nuclear and Biological Weapons
CBRN Terrorism (Convened with Dr Rob Dover)
Current Issues in Science & Security
Political Violence, Human Rights & Counter Terrorism (Convened by Dr Frank Foley)

Undergraduate Courses
The Experience of War

Professional Development Courses
Insider Threats and Security Culture (Delivered for the Centre for Science & Security Studies)
Counter Terrorism Policy for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (For the Centre for Defence Studies)
International Intelligence Director’s Course (For the Centre for Defence Studies)
Introduction to Web Development, Project Management (Curriculum design and module delivery for Founders & Coders)

Previous Years

Postgraduate Courses
Political Violence, Human Rights & Counter Terrorism (Convened with Dr Frank Foley)
Government, Governance & War (Warfare at the edge of the state system)
Wars Within Wars (Dirty wars and counterinsurgency)
Technology & Security (With Professor Wyn Q. Bowen)

Undergraduate Courses
Philosophies of War
Guerrillas in the Mist (Military history & strategic theory)

Professional Development Courses
I have taught on a wide variety of professional development and knowledge transfer courses for government organisations including the Ministry of Defence, Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers. I was also a course tutor for the Brunei Ministry of Defence’s 9th Executive Development Programme in international public policy, delivered by the Centre for Defence Studies, King’s College London.


My office hours are at 11am to midday on Thursdays during term time. I am happy to provide references to past students, but please email me well in advance of any deadline. I am not in a position to supervise PhD research at this point in time, but I am happy to point prospective PhD students in the direction of colleagues who may be able to help.