Current Courses


4SSW1003 The Experience of War

4SSW1003 Extension: War and Warfare

7SSWN086 Dirty Wars


7SSWM086 Dirty Wars


7SSWM039 War, Technology and Innovation

7SSWM086 Dirty Wars

Previous Teaching

Programme Leadership

  • MA in Science & Security (King’s College London)
  • Brunei Ministry of Defence’s 9th Executive Development Programme in International Public Policy

Postgraduate Courses

  • The Science & Security of Nuclear and Biological Weapons
  • CBRN Terrorism
  • Current Issues in Science & Security
  • Government, Governance & War
  • Technology & Security (With Professor Wyn Q. Bowen)

Undergraduate Courses

  • The Experience of War
  • Philosophies of War
  • Guerrillas in the Mist (Military history & strategic theory)

Professional Development Courses

  • Insider Threats and Security Culture (Delivered for the Centre for Science & Security Studies)
  • Counter Terrorism Policy for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (For the Centre for Defence Studies)
  • International Intelligence Director’s Course (For the Centre for Defence Studies)
  • I have taught on a wide variety of professional development and knowledge transfer courses for government organisations including the Ministry of Defence, Home Office and the Association of Chief Police Officers.
  • Introduction to Web Development, Project Management (Curriculum design and module delivery for Founders & Coders)